Playful, artistic accessories.

One-of-a-kind pieces that keep the Earth in mind.

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We make single-release, artisan drops crafted with love and designed to foster joy, luck, and appreciation.

about us

SuzyMade was founded at Farmhouse Studio, a comfy and quiet space that resides under the shade of a giant oak tree not far from my hometown of Chattanooga, TN. It was here that the idea of creating meaningful accessories was born.

All the accessories on SuzyMade are designed and hand-built with love by me, Suzy. I am a jeweler, artist, ceramicist, crafter, educator, and former journalist. This work is supported by my very talented daughter, Logan, who is a professional designer and environmentalist.

When I started thinking about making my own creative business, I realized that I didn’t want to just carelessly put more “stuff” out in the world. I knew my creative practice and products needed to be envisioned with care. That’s where the idea of “meaningful accessories” comes in.

I believe that accessories may be more than just beautiful baubles but can actually be small expressions of self. They can be used to help us remember people, places, and ideas that are important. What we hold valuable, beautiful, and dear can be expressed to others by a thoughtfully chosen accessory. That’s why SuzyMade wishes that each item we imagine, design, and create will beautifully represent you and your intentions.

Together we strive to offer the most lovely, fun, silly, serious, quaint, eclectic, and eccentric collection of thoughtful accessories possible. We send each piece out wishing it brings you luck and joy.

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