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What "Launch Day" Really Means
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What "Launch Day" Really Means

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Getting ready for Opening Day of SuzyMade has been quite the process, a years-long process in fact.

Armed with a late-in-life master’s degree in English Lit and a minor in sculpture (the sculpture part meaning lots and lots of pottery--glorious, soda-fired pottery), the idea of a place and method to share the results of that age old itch to create, to make something, had become an overwhelming and life altering passion. 

SuzyMade began more than two years ago with an urge to craft one-of-a-kind bags made from found and repurposed items. I wanted to create purses and other types of carryalls made from old ones and made from alternative sources. The idea has always been to make something new in an eco-conscious way.

So, in the beginning the studio was filled with a selection of “second-hand” purses, many chosen in part for their unique findings, the metal links and chains used to put them together and make them strong and beautiful.  Others were chosen for their fabric, waiting to be cut and resized and shaped into new, contemporary and useful shapes.

I became fascinated with bags made from unique and thoughtful up-cycled sources, such as these bike-tire purses by Seal International:

Or all the billboard bags that have started popping up over the past few years. Here's one from Green Guru:

One lucky day my best adventure partner and helper extraordinaire, my lovely daughter, Logan, helped me score my own billboard. Those things are REALLY huge!

From purses, I moved on to exploring beads and beaded jewelry.  I learned how to make rings and manipulate wire, how to source supplies, and how I wanted to  create some of my original designs.

However, the great breakthrough occurred when I finally discovered polymer clay! 

Conditioning and manipulating this wonderful medium harkens back to my old pottery days, a time I dearly loved. Working with clay again put me back into the creative space I sought.

It took this process of multi-medium exploration to bring me to where the collection is today.

SuzyMade is an act of creative passion and an expression of love of craft and art. It is the result of many years of learning and making. Every featured piece is made individually by hand and by me. I know that some talented artisans make a sample piece so that when you order it, they can then make a new piece and ship it to you. For now, I am making each individual accessory in advance. Photos show already created and limited items you may select.

The launch does not have purses made from beads, or bicycle tires, or billboards. Not yet.

It does have an initial drop of more than 100 little visions of art. When you order a SuzyMade product, you will get what you see, and it will be something made individually by my hands and will almost always be the only one of its kind. 

For me, these first pieces have been a long time in the literal making.

I think of this launch as a MEGA drop!

And, as just the beginning.

If you wish to keep posted about coming drops, you can follow me @heysuzymade on Instagram or sign up for emails on the site.

Thank you for reading and for being a part of this new adventure.

With love and gratitude,